Van der Westhuysen Attorneys
Van der Westhuysen Attorneys
what we're good at

1. Attorney / Client Services

We are well versed, able and experienced to assist our clients through commercial and litigation matters. We apply a balance of a human, relationally-minded approach as well as professional skill and excellence in the way we relate to our clients. With us you don’t feel like just a number in a legal equation, nor do you feel as though your time is being wasted in socializing.

Any legal matter stands on three legs: a legal decision, a business decision and a political (or relational) decision. Neglect of any one of these can result in a poor legal case. We aim to provide a holistic legal solution to our clients, not merely winning matters on legal grounds, but also doing so in a financially viable way and in a way that protects the political and relational frameworks in which our clients operate. Lawyers make money by creating problems or by solving them. We aim to present ourselves as of the ‘problem solving’ kind.

2. Federated Legal Services (FLS)

Many of the traditional ideas of law apply with some difficulty to a post-modern world. Many of our clients require a greater degree of flexibility in its operations to remain competitive and not to be dead-locked in their debt-collection or litigation matters. It is with this in mind that we have sought to bring some innovative, personalized and practical solutions to our clients, or what we call, ‘federated legal services’.

Have you ever said or thought any of the following, “My lawyer never keeps me up to speed?” or “I can’t afford a full time attorney on staff but at the same time my company’s attorneys cost me an arm and a leg.” Have you ever felt that you could do most of that which you require your attorney to do, but you just lack expertise and some legal structures here and there? Have you bought legal insurance and only found that it is the scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel attorney willing to do that kind of work? It is with this in mind that we can tailor-make solutions to fit our clients.

We provide a couple of non-traditional ways of meeting our clients’ needs. These include:

  1. Legal outsourcing
    Traditional legal practice is a practice of legal outsourcing. We are however able to meet our clients outsourcing needs in a new and unique ways by drawing staff members that are acquainted with their needs and businesses directly into the legal process on contractor’s agreements. This means we use your own people to do your work on mutually agreed terms. This is particularly useful for businesses that consider retrenchments or mandatory retirements for stalwart employees that they would have liked to retain if they had any choice in the matter. We are able to apply flexibility in meeting our clients’ needs that few others in the formal legal-practitioner world would consider. We are also able to connect our clients to different business networks of professionals that would bring different kinds of legal and business solutions to their respective interests.
  2. Legal in-sourcing
    Why pay a salary for a full time attorney or legal advisor who ends up only with limited legal experience if you can in-source an attorney to administrate or co-administrate your legal affairs in-house a few days a month? Why worry about attorneys not keeping you up to date if you can run your own matters with the help of an experienced attorney? We aim to bring legal in-sourcing solutions to our clients, training them and assisting then to do things –in house – and in their own way.
  3. Retainer Agreements
    Legal expenses are grudge expenses. This is one reason why a lot of people don’t like attorneys. It is easier to budget for an auditor than it is to budget for legal fees. Especially if your business does not have terrifying exposure to litigation or legal troubles every month. At the same time a lot of people have become very disappointed in subscribing to monthly legal insurance that only dares to pay attorneys terrifyingly low rates and therefore getting that kind of attorney who is desperate enough to go for such fees. We provide retainer agreements for limited and defined services to clients based on their needs to limit their exposure to legal costs without breaking the bank.
  4. Legal Networking
    What need does an attorney have of an attorney or other legal professional – other than for use as a correspondent? We aim to bring the right people together in the right relationships. We are integrated into a network of professionals, including legal professionals, labour consultants, financial professionals, debt counselors, medical-solutions-in-business professionals to help you meet your needs. If you are one such a professional, you are welcome to contact us. We are also able to assist other attorneys in conflict-of-interest matters in a way that accommodates your clients’ style and relationships with your own practice.